Trying to get back. 

I’m just trying to get back to the Island of #Undal trouble me not!!
The ocean got deep, the Anunnaki were sleep. In a distant land waaaaay off, persistence is at hand. An urgency so to speak.
We’ve got a long way to go a voice said, but I kept swimming in the deeps, in the realms of thought… making cycles complete.
I shook of subconscious, it was weighing me down, from the root to the crown. Just weighing me down. I can make it there faster was the vibe that carried me, and I just kept getting farther and farther from the destination I am seeking.
There is no such thing as faster. Since time and space don’t exist. There’s too many fish in the ocean and this was the twist.
Make your way. Make your way. Your tribe is at bay. With open arms. No more slumbering far away. Wake up wake up the ancients said.
Don’t let others thought flood your head.


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