Reflections by Lyn Kendrick

  • We attract people into our lives.
  • We attract those people Who will cause us to take a deeper look into ourselves. To help heal unseen wounds. 
  • We attract those whose experiences are the similar to our own. 
  • The interactions with those, evoke the responses within us the require healing. In token our behavior stirs the responses that are imprinted in the other. 
  • The healing takes place when we chose a healthy/positive response. 

The next time your interactions with another  person evoke anger, fear or any other painful response; you are in a healing process. 

In that precise moment that you feel the need to react, call on the power of LOVE and thank that person silently in your heart for showing you things about yourself that you need to know. 

Black Girl Magic

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My name is Lyn Eileen I am an Intuitive Oracle, Guided by spirit. I am also a Daily caretaker at the Sacred Temple of the Heart. I am a Reiki Practitioner of Healing Energy, Traditional Usui. I love music, writing and metaphysics'. Writing is my peace. Music is my 1st love. Metaphysics is life. I am currently building an online shop full of provisions for the spiritual traveler. Stay tuned! Enjoy the site, Feel free to share and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Thank you for stopping by❤️

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