Tuesdays Magical Influences

Mighty Mars on Tuesday:

Our planet of influence Today is Mars.  Brash and assertive, there is no planet bolder.  Mars celestial gift to you should you be up for the challenge is a heavy dose of ASSERTIVENESS.  Todays areas of influence are impulse, aggression, sharpness, ambition, vital energy, and brute force.

Power Colors:

Mars has a strong influence with the color red should you chose to work with color magic.  You may also harness magical influences with Tuesdays power colors of white, black, gray, maroon, and scarlet.

Power Stones:

The Ruby and Garnet are associated with Mars.


The Wolf and its “No Fear” approach to life is best fit for Mars.  With an aggressive stance partner with The Wolf for strength in competitive situations.

Power Prayers:

Morning – Psalm 121

Evening – Psalm 123


Each planet rules over one or two signs of the Zodiac. Todays ruling planet governs the signs of Scorpio and Aries.

Planetary Metal:

When making talismans, amulets and charms it is useful to know the planetary metal.  They are the keys to harnessing the alchemy linked to the corresponding planet.  Iron is the metal for Mars.


Through the ages many God/desses and ascended beings have been associated with the planets.  A few that bring the force of Mars are Ogun, Ares and Tyr, these are the Deities of Fire and War.

Many other correspondences can be drawn from those forementioned above. Try googling the periodic table for the propeties of Iron. Indulge yourself in dressing in the colors stated to build your Aura. Carry a Ruby to sharpen your wits or a Garnet to stregnten your survival instincts.

May you find this information useful.




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