L I B E R T Y  by SageDove

Liberty,  Because only you know where you came from and where you are going. 

Let Lady Liberty stand as a reminder of knowing your purpose and what you truly Stand for. 

I captured this photo during an evening boat ride late October 2016. I thought of all the misleading teachings, stories & what ifs about Lady Liberty and her true purpose and origin. 

 In that moment I was reminded of how easy it is to be drawn away from purpose and origin. 

 Within the seconds it took for me to focus my energy on someone else’s purpose ( real or figmentated) I allowed myself to give a tiny piece of my divine purpose away, without true rhyme or reason. 

Immediately shifting mental gears I thanked Lady Liberty, reminded myself of my passion for writing & here I am on WordPress doing what I do best. 

I consider myself a true Scribe, the pen is my pendulum. My very favorite vice. 

Thank you for reading,  & please if you can like or comment, or share to show your there it’ll put a Huge smile on my face. And everyone likes a smile, right? 

Intuitively yours, SageDove 

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My name is Lyn Eileen I am an Intuitive Oracle, Guided by spirit. I am also a Daily caretaker at the Sacred Temple of the Heart. I am a Reiki Practitioner of Healing Energy, Traditional Usui. I love music, writing and metaphysics'. Writing is my peace. Music is my 1st love. Metaphysics is life. I am currently building an online shop full of provisions for the spiritual traveler. Stay tuned! Enjoy the site, Feel free to share and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Thank you for stopping by❤️

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