About Us

Nouveau Pothecary is a Reiki Apothecary and Botanica Shop.


The Pothecary provides Reiki Services with a Botanica full of provisions for the spiritual traveler.


As a Reiki practitioner, my goal is to enhance the lives of my clients through reiki healing, as well as keeping a well stocked botanica full of provisions to assist you in reaching your highest energetic vibrations for healing care.

Reiki is a very effective tool to stimulate the flow of energy within a body & mind.

In a Reiki session, the energy drawn in by the recipient is done so through the practitioners hands.  The energy will go where it is needed and in the order that the recipients body & mind determines.

      Reiki will help you to relax

     Reiki helps you to bring clarity

     Reiki help change the negative conditioning & behavior

     Reiki releases emotional baggage

      Reiki helps prevent the progress of disease

     Reiki accelerates natural healing

     Reiki relieves pain

There are many benefits to receiving Reiki.

Daily use could extend your life by a number of years. 

Remember the more you use Reiki, the stronger it becomes.


Reiki is available to everyone at any time.  And there are options for you to choose from.

Traditional Reiki

Reiki for Animals

Rapid Reiki Treatment: 15 minute session

Group Reiki Sessions

Reiki and Palliative Care

Distant Reiki

Before booking your Reiki session here are are a few important points to keep in mind.



Nouveau Pothecary will never perform Reiki on an individual who has a pacemaker as Reiki can alter its rhythm.


Nouveau Pothecary will never perform Reiki on a person who suffers from diabetes mellitus and is taking insulin injections, unless they are prepared to check their insulin levels EVERY DAY as Reiki induces the amount of insulin required.


Nouveau Pothecary requires that clients complete an intake form outlining their physical and emotional conditions.  This will help determine if Reiki is the appropriate modality for the recipient as well as help monitor the progress along the way.



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