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My name is Lyn Eileen I am an Intuitive Oracle, Guided by spirit. I am also a Daily caretaker at the Sacred Temple of the Heart. I am a Reiki Practitioner of Healing Energy, Traditional Usui. I love music, writing and metaphysics'. Writing is my peace. Music is my 1st love. Metaphysics is life. I am currently building an online shop full of provisions for the spiritual traveler. Stay tuned! Enjoy the site, Feel free to share and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Thank you for stopping by❤️

Counting The Breaths: A Mindful Meditation

Take a letting go breath, a big sigh of relief.


On the next outbreath, Mentally concentrate on the number FOUR.

The next outbreath, three, then two, and one on successive outbreaths.

Start counting down from four again and continue for five minutes.

Whenever thoughts come to mind, just notice them and let them go as soon as possible, returning your attention to breathing and counting.

REPEAT this exercise two to three times a day.

An Excerpt From Pocket Full of Miracles

Joan Boreysenko, Ph.D.

Love Your Faithful Bookworm, LynEileen