• Countdown to Yuletide Season ⏳

    December 21st marks the Winter Solstice and Yule Season which last 12 days ending on January 1st. One of the Oldest Winter traditions. Considered by some to be the Birth of the New Solar year. A time of the year in Northern America where many different festivals and celebrations are held. Burning bonfires and yule logs to eating pomegranates and staying up all night til the morning star. 2020 has been a demanding year for us all, and as we close the year with with a hope for a safe, healthy, prosperous future let us give thanks for the now.

    With Love, Lyn Kendrick



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    Yuletide Season

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  • Belly Breathing

    Become aware of your breathing now.

    Is it shallow and irregular or deep and slow?

    Take a big breath in and let let it out slowly, like a sigh of relief.

    Let the next breath come in slowly and feel how your belly expands.

    When you exhale, feel how your belly relaxes.

    As you breath diaphragmatically from your belly, notice how both body and mind come to rest.

    Practice this technique daily to become more aware of your breathing. Also you can add this to the beginning of your meditation practices.

    Pocket full of miracles Joan Borysenko, PH.D.